Webinar 2021-04: After the 2nd lecture

This content is for the preparation of the 3rd lecture:

Please watch the following videos and complete the assignments and exercises listed below.

05-01 Point Construction

point on a line/in an intersection/at a partial length/at a relative length/with x-y-coordinates

05-02 Set Direction

base direction | difference angle

05-03 Separate and Cut

cut line | separate | cut | separate in corner

05-04 Right Principle

definition of beginning and end of a line | positive and negative values

06-01 Insert

insert lines/part interactively | hereditary | inserting rules | insert lines

06-02 Style Structure I

name parts | create a development part | heredity | test run in the step-by-step mode

07-01 Plot and Print

print out of GRAFIS CAD | scale factor | wrap | settings | hide seam allowances

Assignments & Exercises

Assignment 1

Exercise 1 – 6