Start of the compact webinar at 11.01.2021

Welcome to your GRAFIS webinar. The first event will take place on 11.01.2021, at 13:30 CET / 12:30 GMT. 

If you want to work during the webinar, it is a great advantage to use 2 monitors. Alternatively, 2 devices also work very well. For example, you could install Grafis on the desktop PC and display the webinar on a separate laptop.

In addition, a headset would be useful so that you have both hands free to work. However, a normal microphone and separate headphones also work very well.

All live webinars will take place in the following webinar room:

The meeting is locked by this password: a93b

Please install the full version of GRAFIS Version 12 or the training version before the training starts.